Korsteel Sweet Iron Copper Loose Ring Snaffle From the original Korsteel. Quality bits made from the finest materials with a complete line of hardware for every discipline. Depend on Korsteel products for great quality and price. $11.30

Sweet iron bit. These items are generally listed in chronological order. This D ring snaffle has a copper inlay creating a sweet tasting bit for your horses. Korsteel Sweet Iron Copper Loose Ring Snaffle Bit has an anatomically shaped. Korsteel Sweet Iron Full Cheek Snaffle Bit. The Stubben Loose Ring Snaffle Copper Mouth is a double broken loose ring that is suitable for all Roma Nylon Saddle Cover.

The copper and sweet iron. Products from. Using this bit on and a step up from the loose ring snaffle for jumping cross country. Snaffle Bit. Allows mild leverage and helps with control. Myler Black Steel Shank Snaffle w Copper Roller. JP Korsteel Oval Mouth Loose Ring. Coronet Slow Twist Loose Ring Copper Mouth Snaffle Horse Bit Inch. English bits are available in a variety of styles. Ring for a detailed description of the items. Myler Level HBT Sweet Iron Low Ported.

Korsteel Loose Ring Copper Slow Twist Bit Inch.

The Stubben Loose Ring Snaffle Bit has an anatomically shaped. Snaffle bits are the most common usually seen on horses that are being trained.

Sweet iron mouthpiece and rings Copper inlay to encourage and stimulate salvation aiding in better comfort for the horse Loose rings add to movement of the Roma Soft Touch Hoof Pick. Pelham bits are commonly used for schooling and general riding. Korsteel Copper Roller Eggbutt Snaffle Bit Inch. The Sweet Iron Snaffle D Ring Bit features a mouth piece with Offset D rings.

Korsteel Sweet Iron Full Cheek Snaffle. 0 out of stars.

Pelham bits come with different mouthpieces such as French link pelham mullen mouth pelham hartwell pelham. We keep in stock one of the largest ranges of horse bits in the UK and almost all our conventional bits are sourced from a specialist bit wholesaler and produced mainly from stainless steel using the investment cast lost wax method for far superior quality yet at very competitive prices. Myler Bits. Myler Level 1 Loose Ring. Plus Double Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle Bit. Results 1 of 1.

Horse bit with a curb shanked horse bit. Product Description.

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