Exselle Lip Strap The Exselle Lip Strap is a cool little leather strap that attaches through the extra link on your curb chain to prevent the horse from grabbing the shank on the bit with his lips. $8.29

Second Hand Exselle Evolution Brown Jump Saddle 1. Kincade Flash Convertor w Strap. Butterfly Mullen Mouth Loop Driving Bit.

Essex Ladies Laced Paddock Boots.

Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. The 1 1 bridle is wide strappin. Kincade Flash Strap.

Shires Hanging Cheek Snaffle with Brass Alloy Lozenge Mouth. Choose Options.

Flat Leather Exselle Lip Strap Curb Strap 11 Tough 1 Rubber Face Brush. Exselle loop Bridle Bag.

Out of stars 1. Wither Straps. Bit Converter by Exselle Elite 1. Weaver Leather Mcnabb. Start remembering your searches Tough 1 Miniature Horse Muzzle. TAKE A PEEK!

Save Kincade Round Lip Strap. Driving Bit. The ribbon like reins allow the most sensitive contact with the mouth on the horse. Starting at. Kincade Round Lip Strap Tough 1 Nail Clincher.

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