Exselle Lip Strap The Exselle Lip Strap is a cool little leather strap that attaches through the extra link on your curb chain to prevent the horse from grabbing the shank on the bit with his lips. $8.29

Second Hand Exselle Evolution Brown Jump Saddle 1. Kincade Flash Convertor w Strap. Butterfly Mullen Mouth Loop Driving Bit.

Essex Ladies Laced Paddock Boots.

Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. The 1 1 bridle is wide strappin. Kincade Flash Strap.

Shires Hanging Cheek Snaffle with Brass Alloy Lozenge Mouth. Choose Options.

Flat Leather Exselle Lip Strap Curb Strap 11. Exselle loop Bridle Bag.

Out of stars 1. Wither Straps. Bit Converter by Exselle Elite 1. Weaver Leather Mcnabb. Start remembering your searches. TAKE A PEEK!

Save Kincade Round Lip Strap. Driving Bit. The ribbon like reins allow the most sensitive contact with the mouth on the horse. Starting at. Kincade Round Lip Strap.

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